Presenting South (Sauth) Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie 2018 New (Hindi Dubbed Movie, South Movie 2018) “Kaala 2018” starring Rajinikanth, Kushboo & Sarath Babu. Exclusively on ‘Digital Hit Movies’ Channel.

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Directed by Suresh Krissna
Produced by Puspha Kandasamy
Written by Suresh Krissna, Shanmugasundaram
Story by Rakesh Roshan
Starring: Rajinikanth, Kushboo, Sarath Babu
Music by Deva
Cinematography: P. S. Prakash
Edited by Ganesh Kumar

Annamalai is a milkman, while Ashok is the owner of a five star hotel in Chennai. They have been very close friends from childhood days. But Ashok’s father Gangadharan does not like his son’s friendship with a poor milkman. Annamalai is kind-hearted and is innocent. He falls in love with Subbulakshmi, a college girl. Ashok falls in love with a poor girl Shanthi and Annamalai arranges Ashok and Shanthi’s wedding. This angers Gangadharan as he thinks Shanthi does not have the status to become his daughter-in-law.

Annamalai encounters a problem with a man named Ekambaram following which Ekambaram understands Annamalai’s good nature. Annamalai’s small home along with a few cents of empty land is located in prime location and Gangadharan pressurises Ashok to buy that land so that they can construct one more star hotel. Ashok initially hesitates as he does not want to mix business and friendship, but later agrees and asks Annamalai with hesitation. But Annamalai happily accepts and also agrees to give the land for free of cost. Ashok feels proud of Annamalai and informs his father that Annamalai has to be made a shareholder in the new hotel. Gangadharan agrees but decides to cheat Annamalai and gets sign in empty papers.

The star hotel is constructed and Gangadharan plans to demolish Annamalai’s home which is located next to the hotel. Also, Gangadharan and Ashok’s cousin Sarkunam forge documents and take control of Annamalai’s empty land. Annamalai learns of this plan and picks up quarrel with Gangadharan. Ashok interrupts and he misunderstands Annamalai without knowing the truth for fighting with Ashok’s father. Ashok gets angry and demolishes Annamalai’s home which is in the remembrance of Annamalai’s father. Annamalai gets shocked seeing Ashok’s activities and challenges that he will also become rich and take revenge on Ashok.

Ekambaram helps Annamalai to secure funds and he starts a small sweet business and, over the course of some years, he becomes so rich and he also builds a star hotel in Chennai which becomes more popular than Ashok’s hotel. Sarkunam steals money from Ashok and knowing this, Ashok asks him to leave. Sarkunam joins Annamalai’s hotel and also gets married to Annamalai’s sister, Vaishnavi. Annamalai wins Ashok and become the president of hotels association and Ashok also faces financial troubles. Annamalai and Subbulakshmi’s daughter and Ashok’s son are college-mates and love each other, much to Annamalai’s anger. Ashok and Annamalai appear for a public auction and the auction price keeps increasing. Ashok wins the auction for Rs. 120 million despite Gangadharan asking him not to quote such a huge amount as this was a trick played by Annamalai to increase the price.

Ashok has no money to pay for the auction and is forced to sell his bungalow to get money. Annamalai purchases Ashok’s bungalow thereby winning the challenge made years ago. But Annamalai gives the registration document to his mother Sivagami and asks her to handover to Ashok itself as he does not want to punish his friend. Ashok and Gangadharan realise their mistake and apologise to Sivagami knowing Annamalai’s kind heart. Annamalai also gets to know that it was only Gangadharan and Sarkunam who forged the documents and Ashok was unaware of the his father’s plans. In the meantime Sarkunam tries to kill both Ashok and Annamalai and try to take Annamalai’s properties. But Ashok and Annamalai fight together and Sarkunam realises his mistake. Annamalai and Ashok finally join together and become best friends again.

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