**Joe’s POV**

I wasn’t going to ask her during lunch, I couldn’t, not with everyone around. So I waited anxiously until the bell rang after lunch and went to meet her by the cafeteria door.

It was the first time I saw her that day. Her straight hair was slightly curly from the humidity, her ocean blue eyes over flowed with tears as she laughed hysterically with her blond friend about some joke I hadn’t heard. I stopped breathing for a second. She was so beautiful.

When she saw me at the door, she stopped giggling and quickly wiped the tears of laughter from her cheeks.

When it became obvious that I was waiting to talk to her, she turned to her friend.

“Jess,” she said quietly, “Why don’t you go to class?”

Jessica looked at her with a hurt expression, “You’re gonna make me miss everything?” she groaned.

“Just go!” Lizzie hissed, blushing from embarrasment. And with that, Jessica stormed away, apparently feeling left out.

**Lizzie’s POV**

“Uh…hey,” I muttered feeling like an idiot. Joe was super confident as he held the door open for me and led the way down the hall.

I swallowed loudly to clear my throat that felt like it was closing. My stomach tightened and breathing became harder and harder. I took a few deep breaths to keep myself from collapsing on the floor.

“Get a grip!” I told myself.

I clutched at my flipping stomach, trying to get a hold of myself. I needed to calm down. Joe was making me crazy.

Joe didn’t say a word as we made our way to english, he just grinned whenever I looked over at him. I felt stupid and out of place. I didn’t know what to say.

Joe stopped right in front of the classroom.

I exhaled shakily, I got so nervous around him, I felt like I would just impload.

“Elizabeth,” Joe said, looking straight into my eyes. I ran my fingers through my hair and tugged at my shirt nervously.

Breath deeply, Liz. Don’t freak out.

Joe smiled at my struggling expression. I looked down at my sneakers and felt my cheeks turn red. What was I supposed to say? Thankfully I didn’t have to worry about my words anymore because Joe continued, seeing that I was to shaken to speak.

“Listen, I know that I haven’t even known you a week,”

My heart pounded in my chest, I could see where this was going. I felt like I was going to throw up. I wanted to scream, I liked Joe SO much.

“but I really like you,” Yup, I was definately going to loose my lunch. Right there if I didn’t pull it together.

I almost began hyperventalating, but I bit my lip and held my breath, desprately trying to calm down.

Joe placed his hand under my chin, making me look up at him. I shivered joyfully, he was touching me!

“I really really like you, Lizzie,” he repeated. “And I was wondering if you’d like to hang out sometime, like a date.” His deep brown eyes stared straight at me; I almost passed out.

“That would…..I would…we….S-Sure,” I stuttered, feeling faint.

“Awesome. So what do you—No wait. I have the pefect idea for our first date.” he smiled.

First date. Oh boy. I nearly melted into a lovestruck puddle at his feet.

“Just meet me outside Mike’s Pizza House at seven tomorrow, K?”

“Okay,” I sighed dreamily, gazing up at him adoringly.

Joe chuckled, “Come on, get to class,” he laughed, pushing me through the door.