~Shay (Miley)
I saw him in the corner blending in with the darkness. “Alfred?” I asked afraid to enter the darkness, he slowly crept out and I sighed in relief to see not a scratch was on him. “Are you alright?” I asked and he nodded. “Where is Master James?” He said. “He’s upstairs- Nevermind” I said seeing James run down. “Is everything all-oh my god” He said taking in the basement in. “What happened?” He asked his eyes angry. Alfred opened his mouth and then another voice called out and I looked over at the giant gaping blown out wall. This man, was standing there. In tights? Blue tights, red underwear, a blue shirt. With an ‘S’ Similar to mine. It was familiar to me too. He was muscular and tall his shoulders were broad and his face was absolutely ti die for. He has a very square jaw line, a clean cut face, his hair was wavy yet curly and he had brown eyes the color of maple syrup. “Clark,” James said and then he made eye contact with me. “Sh…Shay?” He said I looked at James then him again and repeating my process. “Clark?” He sighed and came towards me putting his braudy hands on my shoulders, he instantly drew back. “Ouch! Seems like you still have that zing” He chucked and I looked at him. “Do I know you?” I asked and he looked at me and looked at James. “She doesn’t remember?” James shook his head. I started to get angry again as the lighting danced off my finger. “Shay calm down. My name is Clark Kent? We used to be childhood friends” I looked at him and he sighed. “This will take longer than I thought” He said “Yeah, no kidding, I was engaged to her” James muttered and I looked at him. “Excuse me?” I said and then James looked at me, Clark touched my shoulder again and in that single contact my head started to swirl and I lost control of my eyes. They wouldn’t still and I wobbled and then pictures and memories and flashbacks all came back to me. I felt my eyes roll back and I let myself fall.

“I’m gonna get you!” Clark yelled from behind me, I giggled and ran faster around the farm, the chicken’s clucked at us and I ran past them jumping over all the mud piles and missing the giant pig pen by an inch. Clark nearly flew over it and I stared at him for a moment and then ignored it as nothing of importance. “You’re never gonna get me now! I’m almost to the safety post!” I screamed and then went over to the tree and went around to see him already on the tree. “Guess who’s it?” I swallowed. “Not me?” He grinned and tagged me. “I WIN!” He said and I folded my arms across my chest and pouted. He sighed and held his grin and then I started to cry. “Don’t Cry Shay!” He said and hugged me. I giggled and then tagged him going around the tree. I was safe. “Cheater” He muttered.

“Will you marry me?” A voice called out to me, I turned around to face him. James, I smiled and then stared at him. He was so debonair, so sexy, so mysterious, and the one I loved. I was staring out on the city and then I was shocked by this proposal. I smiled hugely at him. “Of course! James! You’ll know I’ll always be here for you!” I said a giant grin went across his face and he slipped on my engagement ring, He stood off of his knee and kissed me hard on the lips the gentle summer breeze taking us both in the beauty of the sunset he kissed me long and hard and I felt complete. I wanted this for so long, i finally found the man that I could see myself with forever. I could finally have a family that I never got. I was complete.

I was drowning, I was getting pulled under into the dark liquid murky water, I felt my lungs starting to give out. What was I drowning in? It was all green and blue I saw fire in the water and everybody around me struggling to get out of the hell of death we were plummeted in. I slowly felt my life fading from my finger tips. I felt my engagement ring tight on my finger the liquid that was blue and green went around me and formed on my skin I swallowed it and salt water. I heard screams of water and then everything was silent I was taken under into the moment of abyss; the face of havoc and chaos. I felt at peace and I felt my life end as I sank towards the bottom on this ocean.

I woke up on the ground of the laboratory holding up my hands I leaned over and vomited. I wasn’t myself. So many memories. So little images. So heart shattering. I saw my life end and begin in front of my eyes. I felt the death and I felt the new beginning. I saw Death and I saw Life. I was borderline. I didn’t know what I was. I saw my life before death, of kids, happiness, and beauty, i saw my best-friend before me. I saw my soulmate in front of my eyes. “James” I said and started to cry, I heaved and sobbed as he leaned over and hugged me. He hugged me tightly as I sobbed into his chest; My life of normalcy was ended and now it was full of hatred, enemies, death, and beauty.