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It’s another great week of comic books as we get several brand-new titles but not from Marvel or DC Comics but from several independent publishers that have given us great comics in the past.

This week we do could see the return of Jupiter’s Legacy by Mark Miller and Frank Quitely. This is another fantastic series by this creative duo and we can’t wait to see the continuation of this story.

Van Jensen and Pete Woods bring us a brand-new story with Cryptocracy #1. The Nine Families who have had a hand in controlling the fate of the world is now under attack. Who will protect the protectors?

For all of you fans of the Con Man web series, be sure and check out Spectrum #1 shipping this week, which is a comic book about the fictitious sci-fi show within the Con Man webisode series. It was another one of those TV shows that ended before it’s time!

For all of you speculators out there, you may want to grab a copy of Uncanny Inhumans #11 shipping this week because this issue is supposed to have the first appearance of a major character debuting later this year that is affecting the entire Marvel Universe!

Don’t miss out on our question of the week! You know, some things just end too soon. We want to know what has ended too soon for you! Leave your comments down below!

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