The Lego Movie Sequel & Spinoffs Update
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One of last year’s biggest surprise hits was The LEGO Movie and there’s not only a sequel on the way, but also two spinoff films in the form of Ninjago and The LEGO Batman Movie. Thanks to a recent interview with Empire Magazine with the original film’s writers and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, we’re getting new details on what we can expect from our favorite block filled universe in the coming years. When The LEGO Movie sequel was first announced, it was revealed that Lord and Miller would not return to write or direct the project as their schedule was already filled up with several other projects, including a possible third Jump Street movie. Though the pair are still not planning to handle directing duties on the sequel, they have decided to pen the screenplay after all. They told Empire they originally decided not to write the sequel, because they felt like they had said all they wanted to about creativity and imagination in the world of Lego’s and were scared the sequel would just be a rehash of the original and not the next chapter in the story with new ideas. Things changed when The Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay, Wreck-It Ralph writer Jared Stern and Girl Most Likely writer Michelle Morgan worked on the beginnings of a story that got them really excited. They revealed there are fun new themes they didn’t get to explore in the first movie which will help the sequel stand out from the first film and be its own thing, but Miller stresses not to expect lots of jokes making fun of themselves for doing the same things again, ala 22 Jump Street. Miller says that’s not something they can ever do again. Though they wouldn’t reveal too much about the direction of the sequel, especially since they haven’t even begun writing it yet, they did reveal that the film will take place 4 years after the first one, which makes sense considering it’s not set to arrive in theaters until sometime in 2018. Miller also revealed that they will be exploring what happens to the boy who’s in the meta story when he’s four years older saying quote, “When he’s an adolescent how does that change his point of view? And it’s nice to have the characters start in a different place from the first movie. Emmet, for example, was in an existential crisis of having seen another dimension and was questioning the whole point of his existence.” As for the spinoff movies, they promise each will be their own thing with their own distinct voices and tone, thanks in large part to the film’s directors – Ninjago’s Charlie Bean and The Lego Batman Movie’s Chris McKay. Of course, both will still be LEGO movies at heart and will embrace the medium. The Lego Batman movie won’t be a straight Batman movie, but will instead be the Will Arnett version of Batman, in the Lego Universe. Both Batman and Ninjago will take themselves seriously, which they think will make it funny considering their Legos after all. Ninjago is set to arrive in theaters on October 14th, 2016 followed by The Lego Batman Movie on February 10th, 2017 but in the meantime, click here to find out where The Lego Movie placed in our list of the best comedy movies of last year: So who’s excited for more LEGO in the coming years and what would you like see happen in the sequel? Is there a Lego character you’d like see added that wasn’t included in the first film? Share your thoughts in the comments or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter @ClevverMovies. Until next time, I’m Erin Robinson, thanks for watching!

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