I don’t normally do this. Usually this area is just the ‘who stars, directs’ type of thing. But really needed to type this (on facebook, and here as well).

Well, I just watched Unfriended (a film that was sent to me, thanks to a very nice guy named BillBonJovi).

And honestly? I really enjoyed it! I know a lot of folks did not (which is fine…I also enjoyed As Above So Below and I know a lot hated that too). Never understood the hate for As Above, So Below, and I don’t really get the hate for this one either. But to each their own.

It was fast paced and short (only 1 hour 16 minutes without the credits). I don’t think the acting was bad at all (to me they were believable in their emotions, they pulled off their ‘fear’ well…for me, bad acting is stuff like the lead girl in the Elm Street remake, or the actors in Harbinger Down, Kristen Stewart in Twilight…not these guys).

I really enjoyed the presentation. It’s technically not found footage. It’s all from the POV of someone at their computer, and I could really relate to it. Facebook, Skype, Youtube…three things I use a lot on the internet.

I could put myself in these folks’ situation of ‘if i was chatting with friends on skype, and this happened…what would I do?’

Plus, I like the fact that they acknowledge that “If you Hang up, you Die” so that the easy questions of ‘why don’t they just leave’ is solved. And seeing what this ghost does (people mute their mics, it mutes it right back…it joins their call without their permission, they hang up, it does it again…it knows all of their secrets, shares it via Pop-Up videos and more…can do stuff like turn the lights off in your own home, or be the 911 that you think you’re calling…and ultimately, making you kill yourselves) made me really get that ‘shit, there really isn’t anything else they can do’ kinda stuff.

Plus, it does relate to the whole ‘cyberbullying’ thing as well as, well to put it bluntly…Don’t Be A Dick, Dick. Especially when it comes to a head where the others are turning on each other as their big secrets get revealed to all.

And it actually did make me think, and not in a bad way.

A few words are shared that the one who killed herself, Laura, was a bully. But was she a big bully, or did some of these people say that because they are the real bullies?

Even if she was a bully, was she so horrible that she deserved a posting (which resulted in her committing suicide) of a ‘humiliating video where she was passed out and had certain accidents on her pants’ with the result of ‘go kill yourself’ via numerous upon numerous folks (including the people in the skype chat)?

Yeah, I know most will go ‘you’re definitely delving too deep, Matt’.

But hey…considering the years upon years of stuff (messages, hate pages, hate mail, people who are fans/nice to you one minute and then turn on you the next) I’ve dealt with…I guess you could say this movie ‘spoke to me’.

I would still put films like The Blair Witch Project, The Tunnel (which i think was underrated), As Above So Below, and Cloverfield over this…but yeah, I definitely liked this one. To each their own.

Anyway, Take care.